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    When I created this group I thought of these kids, went looking and found the photo. While I have had less than a 15 minute glimpse into their lives, it seems likely they are a protected group.

    I was sitting in a pickup owned by a local group helping Guatemalans in the Sololá area. I was really no more than an observer as the pickup was making deliveries to rural schools and such.

    The driver was off doing something and I was alone. Off in the distance, maybe 40 meters away, the kids were walking down a dirt path heading more or less in my direction. The little girl fell face-first on the dirt. She started crying.

    I started to get out of the pickup to go "help" but I didn't think she was seriously injured and decided to watch a bit longer to see how the kids would deal. I am glad I did.

    One of the boys (not sure which one) pulled her up by her arms. She was still crying. He dusted her off like with his hands like you might beat a dirty rug hung on the clothesline. She stopped crying for a few seconds and then started again. The boy repeated his dust-off. She stopped crying. All was well. They continued their walk.

    When they got near the pickup (it was on the paved road) they came over and one asked me if I would take their picture. I hadn't indicated I had a camera but, I did and I did take a couple of pictures. If I had any way to find them I would love to give them a copy.

    My point is they are likely being helped because they are poor and live in the middle of nowhere. They have developed their own methods to deal with things and that is probably one of the best way to protect children.