What does self-sustainable mean to you?

I just went (walked) to the market (public market) to buy some locally-grown fruit and veggies plus buying a couple of non-local things (such as laundry detergent). On the walk I got thinking about what self-sustainable means to me.

I realized a good discussion topic would be what it means to each of us. Here are some "thoughts".

  1. If you can grow most of your food, that is a step in the right direction.
  2. Being energy independent is a big plus.
  3. Not all expenses go away (such as taxes). What methods of producing needed income count as self-sustainable. Making and selling things? Doing on-line consulting? Selling things you grow? ...
  4. Living off a big inheritance?
  5. Buying "stuff" and re-selling it at a profit?

Not everyone will see all of these items as self-sustainable. For example, if I do consulting I need customers. As long as I have them I could be self-sustainable but what if I lose them or, more important, they want to be self-sustainable as well?