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How this site is going to work

If you are trying to connect the dots in an attempt to see how the world works, this may the site for you or at least a site for you. Rather than a news organization, we are a "point to the news" organization. That is, we sort through news sources and make things that matter available to you will links and local discussion. We encourage participations in the forums.

Additionally, we have a collaboration zone called a Wiki+ where super-members can organize data. Think of it as project-specific. Our first project is to build an organized structure of the information – people, organizations and such – of what started as an investigation into the Clinton Foundation by George Webb which you can find at http://a42.com/s/wiki/george-webb.htm .

If you are interested in contributing to this project or would like us to create another project that you feel "fits" here, contact staff@a42.com.
Note that we are trying to get the structure in place without opening up the site to everyone right now. The decision to put up the George Webb information forced the release before we were really ready. The site should be stable but expect changes – such as replacing the ugly logo and banner.

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