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    • felipe

      Why Am I here?

      ...nux, for example -- a lot of my energy continued to go into preventing bad. Eventually I saw my health suffering from the stress. Now I am in Guatemala and consider myself a doing g...

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        What it took for me to succeed the same direction as I was), bought land, ... 2012 -- Moved to Guatemala -- a step in the right or cooling. Free irrigation water (and city potable water). In Guatemala, you can become an "auto...

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        • felipe

          Where to get seeds?

          ...r own seed but where do you start? The first part of that answer is to talk to locals -- they may have seed to sell or trade. (Easier here in Guatemala as it is a non-GMO country.)...


          • felipe

            What it took for me to succeed

            It all started for me in the 1970s. I could write a book about this but, for now, a short blog post seems in order. Hopefully it will encourage you to learn from your mistakes and not give up. Early 1970s -- Bought a 7-acre farm and proved what two people, both with "day jobs" can...

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              About the Photo

              When I created this group I thought of these kids, went looking and found the photo. While I have had less than a 15 minute glimpse into their lives, it seems likely they are a protected group. I was sitting in a pickup owned by a local group helping Guatemalans in the Sololá area. I wa...

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