Sandy and Elon on the Cybertruck

Sandy Munro and Elon Musk sit down and, mostly, talk about the Cybertruck. It’s real clear that Sandy is impressed and maybe even amazed with the Cybertruck. The interview is […]

Will Your New EV Be a “CATL”

CATL is the biggest battery manufacturer in the world. Tesla is CATL’s biggest customer. CATL makes structural battery packs for Tesla in a plant about 3 km from Giga Shanghai. […]

Chery iCar 03 SUV

iCar is a new “mark” of Chery. The iCar 03 is a just announced compact SUV with a low price. It’s about the size of a BYD Atto 3 and […]

Is the Cybertruck a Ripoff?

While I have read a lot of positive comments about the Tesla Cybertruck there has also been some negative feedback. Part of that comes from what some consider the “ripoff […]

Comparing an Aptera to a Tesla

Aptera has a “status video” each month. Here is the video for Aptera which is what got me thinking about the comparison. Before you think I have gone crazy because an […]

2024 Fiat 500E in the US

Yes, the new Fiat 500E will be available in the US. And, to make things more interesting, it will cost less than previous versions. The price is $32,500 and it […]

Cybertruck Delivery Event

Today was the day for the initial deliveries of the Tesla Cybertruck. The event was held at GigaTexas and the MC was Elon Musk. Some of it was hype but […]