BYD Seagull

Before you say “that’s too small”, take a look at a BYD Seagull. Yeah, it is really tiny on the outside but bigger than you might expect on the inside. […]

Tesla Model Y and One-Half

You likely know the “new” Tesla Model 3 (Highland) is now shipping and you may know the Tesla Model Y will be upgraded to the Juniper revision “soon” where soon […]

BYD #4 in World Car Sales

While Toyota is still #1, Ford is no longer #4. In fact, it has dropped to #6. BYD only makes “new energy vehicles” but almost half of that are hybrids. […]

Hyke Electric Ferry

Out of Norway we have an electric ferry that looks like something from the future. Most of my ferry riding was in Seattle. The trips were surrounded by noise, diesel […]

Sandy Munro and Tim Dodd

I’m sure you know who Sandy Munro is but probably not Tim Dodd. Tim is “The Everyday Astronaut” who does some amazing videos on rockets. When I saw Tim would […]

Fuel Cells for the Grid?

Are they crazy? This article in Real Clear Politics suggestss the solution to grid reliability is fuel cells. I think they are out of their mind. Here is their article. […]

Penguin PickUp

Yes, a pickup but not like a Cybertruck or Ford F-150. This is a last mile delivery “truck” that would make a lot of sense in big cities. See the Sandy […]