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The site is under development. Here is the short-term plan:

Alternative reporting (current news, history, ...) has become the victim of censorship recently. The purpose of this site is to help "us" get around that censorship.

This site is not a content site (like a YouTube channel, for example) but more like an index. Its contributors will have blogs where they can tell us what is going on. Regular users can subscribe to their blogs.

Generally, their blog entries will be descriptions of content (e.g., a video) and a link to where it can be found. That doesn't mean the content can't be censored but the content creator will have a central place where they can keep you up to date on the status of their content.

There is a lot more planned for this site which I will explain soon but it is being put up now with only this capability do to what I would call "censorship emergencies".
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