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News: Check out the Wiki+

  • Posted July 8th 2020, 5:50 PM
  • By admin

While you will find blog posts from others here, you should check out Wiki+ home - The Answer is 42 where you will find topical information. Lots more to do/say but there is quite a bit about covid-19 and about vaccines out there.
The most "amusing" is that do to the covid-19 "think" lots of infants have not been vaccinated and infant death is down 30%. Some of us are not surprised.

Wiki+ page: Health


Wiki+ page: Health Issues

In general, this is mostly content on alternative (non-allopathic) treatment. More often than not, "you are what you eat" will get you in the right mindset.
Use the forums to ask questions.
Now, the obligatory disclaimer: Most of us are not medical professionals. Rather, we are people sharing our experiences. Do your own homework and consult with your own doctor.


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