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News: Just Setting Up

  • Posted June 20th 2020, 11:44 AM
  • By admin

The site is under development. Here is the short-term plan:

Alternative reporting (current news, history, ...) has become the victim of censorship recently. The purpose of this site is to help "us" get around that censorship.

This site is not a content site (like a YouTube channel, for example) but more like an index. Its contributors will have blogs where they can tell us what is going on. Regular users can subscribe to their…

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Wiki+ page: Site

… about the site itself will appear here. That includes:
  • How to use the site
  • How to become a contributor
  • Information about site content

Site Politics

The only "agenda" we have is to present the truth. If a question needs to be asked, we will ask it and th


Wiki+ page: How to use the site


Wiki+ page: Site content


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