The Reality of Robotaxis

We have heard that Tesla plans to have robotaxis in the near future. In the mean time, we have GM’s Cruise and Google’s Waymo operating. Or, we did. Cruise is […]

Why Tesla Manufacturing Wins

Sandy Munro has talked about why Gigacastings give Tesla a big advantage over other manufacturers. But, there is a lot more. This video will help you understand the big picture. A […]

Electric School Buses in the US

Ever heard of the company Green Power Motor Company? It’s a US company that makes electric school buses. Their “MegaBeast” is a 40 electric school bus with a 500 km […]

Volvo EX-30 Another Look

We have seen a lot of positive comments on the Volvo EX-30. Additionally, the President of Volvo has been been very serious about Volvo transitioning to all electric. This particular review […]


A medium-sized SUV that is really built for off-road. A bit longer than the Atto 3 but with a boxy shape. It looks sorta like a Ford Bronco. For me […]

Cheaper EVs Are On The Way

In the US but not from US companies. Pictured is the Vinfast VF3. It’s a small EV from Vietnam with a target price of about $20,000 in the US. Vinfast […]

Update on the XBUS

I previously posted some information on the XBUS. I decided an update was in order including a link to a short video they have created. It sounds like they are […]

EV Prices: China vs. Elsewhere

This post was inspired by a video from The Electric Viking titled Chinese EVs killing Legacy Auto because people can REALLY afford them but I don’t think the title tells the […]