Advancing Battery Technology

The regular doom and gloom message about batteries is that we don’t have enough lithium. Or cobalt. Or … Based on the currently very popular lithium ion ternary battery technology […]

Why EVs Continue to Get Better

In 1886, Karl Benz created the first gasoline (sorta — it would run on most anything) powered car. That’s a long time ago. Realistically, about 50 years later a gasoline-powered […]

The IPMsynRM Motor

Some time ago there were articles about how Tesla’s carbon fiber wrapped rotor created a better motor for EVs. The claim was that it was more efficient and tests such […]

An Electric Mazda Miata in 2026?

Japanese auto makers are losing market share everywhere. All of them. Their biggest loses are in China but as EVs gain market share everywhere, they are losing market share because […]

18-Wheel ATV

When you hear of an 18 wheeler you think of a big truck but here we are talking about a relatively small all terrain vehicle. 18 wheels has a prototype […]