Munro Live: Cybertruck Suspension

More from Munro Live as they continue to disassemble the Cybertruck. The video is┬áhere Besides just explaining how things are done in the Cybertruck suspension it is compared to (primarily) […]

Ventum Wind Turbine

We have all seen the huge horizontal axis wind turbines. Beyond seeing them, many of us think their size is getting out of control. There are quite a few in […]

BYD Seagull Heading to Europe

BYD has said it will introduce the Seagull in Europe. Like with the Dolphin it is actually an “international edition” which is larger than the China version. BYD now has […]

Robotaxi to China First?

There has been a lot of “Elon has gone crazy” articles lately. That has primarily been due to Tesla staff layoffs but his canceling his trip to India because he […]