Aptera Heads for Production

Steve at Aptera Owner’s Club just interviewed Chris Anthony about the big changes at Aptera. It is a 3-part interview and this video is part 3. They are all worth watching but the “biggest thing” is covered here.

If you have been following Aptera’s progress you probably already know production is just around the corner. That doesn’t mean cars tomorrow but the path to production is finally visible. In the next 2-3 months should should have their “pre-production” builds done. Assuming there are no disasters (and it seems unlikely) seeing real production in early 2025 is going to happen. It sounds like their biggest problem is getting small quantity items for the pre-production vehicles — they have the suppliers lined up for production.

In this third part Chris is primarily talking about production financing. They have been working with US Capital to get that funding in place. It sounds like things are going well with no kinks at this point. One point that Chris makes which I wholeheartedly agree with is that as Aptera has been so open about what they are doing that it is easy for a big investor get on-board.

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