My Guess Was VW but I Was Wrong

A couple of years ago I was trying to guess who in legacy auto would get serious about EVs. I didn’t expect it to be any of the US big three — and, clearly, I was right. It could have been Toyota if they decided to make EVs instead of trying to convince the world no one wanted them. Ultimately, I guessed VW. A big, stable car manufacturer that was advertising that they were going to offer lots of EVs.

Well, they got sidetracked. Yeah, I could offer a list but that’s not important. The bottom line is that VW corporate just never got serious about EVs.

The one legacy car company that has really embraced EVs is Volvo. They talk the talk but they also build EVs. Their EV sales percentages are amazing and they have committed to EV-only in 2026.

More about what they are doing from The Electric Viking

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