Arc Electric Wave Boat

Besides electric cars, we are seeing more and more other types of electric vehicles. Bicycles and motorcycles are no surprise but aircraft and watercraft are less expected. These vehicles are […]

Batteries: The Inside Scoop

18650, 2170, 4680, pouch, prismatic, … Cell, module, pack. What do all these things mean and why might you care? How are cells cooled? How are they connected? What’s a […]

FlyNow Flying Phone Booth

I keep seeing 4-rotor drones being marketed as air taxi vehicles. While they work that seems like a very inefficient shape. Well, FlyNow is going to build something that is […]

Hyundai to Introduce Casper EV

Hyundai is jumping on the small, inexpensive bandwagon. This year they will introduce a fully-electric version of the Casper first in China and then Europe. It is expected to sell […]

Elite Electric Outboard Motor

How about a self-contained electric outboard motor? That is, with a battery in it. Check out the¬†elite which offers a 500W electric motor with a battery capable of running it […]