Chery iCar 03

Sam is right, it looks like a tiny Land Rover Defender. For me, more like a 2000 Kia Sportage with square corners. Or maybe a Suzuki Jimny. In other words, […]

The End of Gas Stations

One of the “excuses” for the EV takeover being an issue is they will mean the end of a business — gas stations. Yes, gas stations will go away but […]

The Tiny Kia Ray

Kia has been focused on the relatively expensive EV market but, apparently, they had introduced a tiny car called the Ray years ago. It exists but was never compelling primarily […]

Debunking More EV Myths!

There continues to be word battles about why EVs don’t make sense and followup posts to debunk the statements being made. The most common topics are such things as: It […]

Home Battery Systems

Most people know about the Tesla PowerWall. While I don’t remember the name, BYD has a similar product. These units add battery storage and, optionally, PV solar to home electrical […]