Tankless Water Heaters

Most houses have a central water heater. It could be gas or electric but it has a large tank — from 20 to maybe 100 gallons — of water that […]

Home Battery Systems

Most people know about the Tesla PowerWall. While I don’t remember the name, BYD has a similar product. These units add battery storage and, optionally, PV solar to home electrical […]

Why Heat Pumps?

Maybe I picked the wrong title. What is a heat pump may be a better starting point. The one word answer to why is “efficiency”. To understand that you need […]

Off-Grid Electricity — Part 2

Larger Off-Grid System In the first part we offered a minimalist system to supply power for lights in an off-grid environment. Here we will do the homework necessary to size […]

Off-Grid Electricity — Part 1

It’s clear that our ancestors understood how to live off-grid. In fact, it was less than 100 years ago that an executive order created the Rural Electrification Administration in the […]