2025 BYD Dolphin

The 2025 Dolphin has been announced. As I expect you know, the Dolphin has been on my short list for quite a while. (Why don’t I have one? Because they […]

Hyundai Inster

This is the kind of car I am glad to see entering the market. It makes me think of Dr. Who’s Tardis. It’s a tiny little car (3.8 meters long) […]

Freegen Bicycle Hub Motor

I confess, when I first heard about this new system I didn’t see it as a significant change. But, I watched the whole video and now I am impressed. If […]

Elon is Betting the Farm on RoboTaxi

Everything Elon is saying at Tesla corporate is rumoring is that Tesla is betting everything on the RoboTaxi. Part of that “everything” means prioritizing the RoboTaxi over the small $25,000 […]