Arc Electric Wave Boat

Besides electric cars, we are seeing more and more other types of electric vehicles. Bicycles and motorcycles are no surprise but aircraft and watercraft are less expected. These vehicles are […]

Elite Electric Outboard Motor

How about a self-contained electric outboard motor? That is, with a battery in it. Check out the elite which offers a 500W electric motor with a battery capable of running it […]

Hyke Electric Ferry

Out of Norway we have an electric ferry that looks like something from the future. Most of my ferry riding was in Seattle. The trips were surrounded by noise, diesel […]

Candela Electric Boats

Candela offers a series of electric boats. They are hydrofoils which are much more efficient than you typical “hull in the water” boat. What surprised me is that they have […]

An Electric Hydrofoil

I posted a couple of articles last month about a hybrid yacht and a yacht tender. They both seemed pretty cool but this is a real electric boat. It is […]

EJET Electric Yacht Tender

How do you get to and from the shore from your yacht? How about with an EJET electric  yacht tender? This is probably not in the budget of most of us […]

Greenline Hybrid Yachts

I have never been a power boat fan. I have never owned any boat but have been on quite a few smaller sailboats. What I appreciated most was the sense […]