2023 in Review

2023 has been a very interesting year for electric vehicles and other electric technology. Here are some of the highpoints: The Tesla Cybertruck is in production. There is currently a […]

Gogoro Battery Swap Network

Gogoro is in the battery swap business for scooters. They started out in Taiwan and I have had people tell me about all the electric scooters they have seen in […]

Telo Trucks

Have you noticed that there seems to be no such thing (in the US) as a small pickup? I have. I have a small pickup, the VW Saviero, here in […]

Carice TC2

Admit it: most new electric cars just don’t look like they are fun to drive. They look more like computers on wheels. Well, a company in the Netherlands offers a […]

Jay Leno on Cybertruck

Jay interviews Franz von Holzhausen about the design of the Cybertruck. Jay points out that the last time a “different” pickup was introduced was 1960 with the Corvair pickup. Jay […]

Driving an Aptera

I have had other articles out here about the Aptera but they have mostly covered specifications. This post is different as it is about someone’s first drive of a Gamma […]