Carice TC2

Admit it: most new electric cars just don’t look like they are fun to drive. They look more like computers on wheels. Well, a company in the Netherlands offers a retro alternative. Here is what they say

Built and designed from the ground up in the Netherlands by people with a lifelong love of classic cars, the TC2 is made to resemble the playful and elegant looks of every car that you loved as a kid. This passion for cars translates into a high level of attention to detail and commitment to meet your needs. Carice is expanding their extensive history in automotive design and development every day.

I think it looks pretty cool. Rear wheel drive. It only weighs 590 kg. It has a 41 kW motor. You have a choice of two different battery packs for a range of either 200 km or 300 km.

Is it practical? Certainly not but it looks like fun. You can order it now from Caprice cars

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