Thermal Energy Storage at Home

Thermal energy storage is not new. Large-scale systems are commonly used and, if what you want back is heat rather than electricity, are very efficient. But, as you scale these […]

What are the issues with EV batteries? Capacity Charge time Low temperature performance Life Cost That’s pretty much the list. It’s a universal problem — that is, all EV manufacturers […]

Batteries: The Inside Scoop

18650, 2170, 4680, pouch, prismatic, … Cell, module, pack. What do all these things mean and why might you care? How are cells cooled? How are they connected? What’s a […]

Betavolt Nuclear Battery

The Electric Viking just posed about the Betavolt nuclear battery. I disagree that this will end up in a car in your lifetime but it is real and it is […]

Sodium Ion Batteries

We have talked before about who is making them but not much about how they work and how they differ from Lithium Ion batteries. Just Have a Think does a good […]

Gogoro Battery Swap Network

Gogoro is in the battery swap business for scooters. They started out in Taiwan and I have had people tell me about all the electric scooters they have seen in […]