Lectric One Ebike

Electric bicycles continue to be more and more sophisticated but, usually, with a big price. You can easily spend $5000 for a nice off-road bike and, it may be worth […]

Veemo Is Back

A few years ago there were quite a few “enclosed ebikes” on the market. They seemed to fall into two categories: way too expensive and on their way to bankruptsy. […]

“Adventure” Bicycles

New “ordinary” electric bicycles were a typical event. It is easy to find ebikes, even at local bike stores. Mountain bikes have also been pretty common. But, the new thing […]

Higgs Cargo Bike

This is a fat-tire bike designed for cargo or family fun. It is clearly designed for more than just a leisurely ride for one person. It has a 113 kg […]

Penguin PickUp

Yes, a pickup but not like a Cybertruck or Ford F-150. This is a last mile delivery “truck” that would make a lot of sense in big cities. See the Sandy […]

Electric Bicycles

If you are looking for a close to zero operating cost vehicle, an electric-assisted bicycle (E-bike) might be just what you need. They can be relatively inexpensive with close to […]