“Adventure” Bicycles

New “ordinary” electric bicycles were a typical event. It is easy to find ebikes, even at local bike stores. Mountain bikes have also been pretty common. But, the new thing seems to be “fat tire” ebikes.

The buzzword adventure seems appropriate. The audience seems to be people why just want to go out and ride for fun — whether that is at the beach, at the mountains or, well, anywhere. The good news is that the prices of such vehicles seems to be dropping to a point where casual use makes sense. I found The Mars of particular interest.

It is a smaller (20 inch) frame, 4 inch fat tires and a 750 watt motor. That should be enough to go just about anywhere and it has a range of over 70 kilometers. Like a lot of ebikes these days it is “pedal assist” meaning it senses how hard you are pedaling and adds motor power to assist. Another plus for this bike is that it folds. That means it should fit in the trunk of your car or a closet in your apartment.

Its list price is $1500 which, while not cheap, is way less than what a competition bike might cost. Right now it is on sale for $1200 and has lots of accessories available. Check out the product page here.


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