Cheaper EVs Are On The Way

In the US but not from US companies. Pictured is the Vinfast VF3. It’s a small EV from Vietnam with a target price of about $20,000 in the US. Vinfast […]

Update on the XBUS

I previously posted some information on the XBUS. I decided an update was in order including a link to a short video they have created. It sounds like they are […]

EV Prices: China vs. Elsewhere

This post was inspired by a video from The Electric Viking titled Chinese EVs killing Legacy Auto because people can REALLY afford them but I don’t think the title tells the […]

Why EVs?

Does the image address the real reason EVs make sense? No way. There are lots of positives about EVs including being more fun to drive, cheaper to operate, more reliable […]

Citroen E-C3

Apparently Citroen didn’t get the memo from the President of Stellantis saying that Stellantis can’t make inexpensive EVs. But, that seems like a good thing. Citroen has sold over five […]

Using Electric Planes as Trainers

Green Flight Academy in Skelleftea Sweden offers flight training on an electric aircraft. A 737 commercial pilot does up there to “try out” the plane. He hasn’t flown a small […]