Buick E5

Before you get too excited, this car is only available in China. And it isn’t selling very well. But, it shows what GM could be selling in the US. It’s […]

“Adventure” Bicycles

New “ordinary” electric bicycles were a typical event. It is easy to find ebikes, even at local bike stores. Mountain bikes have also been pretty common. But, the new thing […]

Toyota Electric Pickup?

Well, not yet but it is sounding like they might be getting serious about EVs. They have concept versions of a small pickup and a large landcruiser. They also have […]

More Cybertruck Testing

Just in case you don’t think Tesla tests its products, the image should help you out. The image is real. Careful counting will show 49 bullet dings but no piercings. […]

Why Americans Don’t Buy EVs

While EV sales continue to grow in the US, they are far behind China and Europe. Some countries have amazing EV sales — for example, the EV sales percentage last […]

How About a Hovercar?

No, you can’t go buy one today but it is pretty interesting. Shane Chen, inventor of the Hovertrax hoverboard has a 2-wheeled, 5-passenger car on the drawing board. Is it […]

Volvo EM90 Van

Volvo, unlike GM, Ford, … is very serious about going to EVs. On the small end, the EX30 is an impressive car. On the huge end, Volvo is introducing more […]

The Issues of Wind Turbines

As we know, wind and solar are the two¬†big additions to renewable energy. The fact that they are intermittent energy sources is addressed with grid-scale batteries. That’s the good news […]