The Issues of Wind Turbines

As we know, wind and solar are the two big additions to renewable energy. The fact that they are intermittent energy sources is addressed with grid-scale batteries. That’s the good news but there are some issues with wind turbines.

There have been quite a few failures in wind turbines in the news recently. Failures that include catching fire and falling down. In addition to these failures turbine blades have become so huge that it is very difficult to transport and install them. Have we reached the limit of production?

Matt Ferrell takes a look at this issue. The good news is that some creative engineering should give us a bright future for this industry. As an example, transporting a machine the size of a shipping container to the site of a turbine that can manufacture the huge blades solves the transport issue. There are also advancement in the construction of the blades to make them more reliable and making them out of materials that can be recycled.

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