Update on Tesla The Energy Company

Yes, we all know that Tesla manufacturers electric cars. Most of us know about Tesla’s PowerWall battery systems for home and some know about Tesla’s grid-level MegaPack systems. Some even know about Tesla’s Virtual Power Plant software which allows people with home storage to sell power to the grid at times of peak demand and then recharge the system at times of low demand (i.e., cheap prices). But, there is more.

Tesla’s new game is to become an energy retailer. Let me explain. Tesla themselves are going to start selling electricity to consumers. This is a big step up from just helping consumers to make money off of their home PowerWall systems. The Electric Viking fills in the details. He goes on to make the point that you can sell cars until everyone has a relatively new electric car and then sales will drop off. But, people will continue to use electricity so if you can get in the business of selling electricity you will always have a customer base.

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