Silence S04 Microcar

Made in Spain, the Silence S04 is a micro-car. It offers some things that make it better than the competition. First, it is a bit more comfortable than most. While really small it offers comfort. Part of that comes from the seats being offset offering sufficient hip room in a car that is only 1.3 meters wide.

The second twist is removable batteries. There are two of them that plug into the car. They have their own handle and wheels so you can just take them into your house or apartment to charge. Note that they are the same batteries that are used in Silence’s two- and three-wheel vehicles.

My opinion is that it is too expensive (€16,000) or soon will be. That is, there are 4 and 5 passenger cars coming soon that will be only a few thousand more but, today, it probably is an OK price. Also, if you live in an apartment, the removable battery option may be a necessity.

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