Legacy Auto Is Way Behind

Stellantis continues to say that they can’t make money on EVs. VW is cutting back on EV development as is Ford and GM. Each of them has their own excuse but the reality is that they just haven’t figured out how to make EVs yet.

The best wake-up call comes from Toyota. The Toyota BZ3X was jointly developed by Toyota and BYD. They were amazed by BYDs ability to change direction quickly when specifications were changed. Then Toyota bought a Tesla Model Y and took it apart. They admitted that it was an engineering masterpiece. Toyota went on to admit they were behind. The fact that they recognized it and admitted it is a big plus for them. The Electric Viking talks about what Toyota had to say.

Will any legacy auto maker catch up with Tesla and BYD? It’s not clear but admitting you have a problem is a good first step.


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