Cybertruck Delivery Event

Today was the day for the initial deliveries of the Tesla Cybertruck. The event was held at GigaTexas and the MC was Elon Musk. Some of it was hype but […]

Elon Musk Demos FSD 12

Demos as in he is in a car that FSD drives for about 45 minutes. It is about to be released to Tesla employees. The commentary is interesting as he […]

Veemo Is Back

A few years ago there were quite a few “enclosed ebikes” on the market. They seemed to fall into two categories: way too expensive and on their way to bankruptsy. […]

A Hybrid That May Make Sense

I never thought I would say anything positive about a hybrid but here goes. But this isn’t the typical hybrid. This is an electric-assisted trailer to attach to a semi […]

Legacy Auto Is Way Behind

Stellantis continues to say that they can’t make money on EVs. VW is cutting back on EV development as is Ford and GM. Each of them has their own excuse […]

Silence S04 Microcar

Made in Spain, the Silence S04 is a micro-car. It offers some things that make it better than the competition. First, it is a bit more comfortable than most. While […]