Off-Grid Electricity — Part 2

Larger Off-Grid System In the first part we offered a minimalist system to supply power for lights in an off-grid environment. Here we will do the homework necessary to size […]

Off-Grid Electricity — Part 1

It’s clear that our ancestors understood how to live off-grid. In fact, it was less than 100 years ago that an executive order created the Rural Electrification Administration in the […]

The Cost of EVs

The word on the street is that electric vehicles cost too much to buy. Is that still true? If you ask Carlos Traveras, CEO of Stellantis, he will say yes. […]

Why Not Hydrogen Cars?

Some, particularly Japanese automakers, are pushing hydrogen as a “better” energy source than electric cars. Is that a good idea? First, we need to talk about the two kinds of […]

PV Solar Today

I did my first PV solar installation almost 20 years ago. It’s pretty amazing how things have changed in those 20 years. For the consumer it is all good — […]


XBUS, what’s that? Remember the old VW Type 2 vehicles? You could get a cargo van, passenger van, pickup and probably some other body styles. They were, of course, from […]

EV Charging

Unlike internal combustion cars where your only “refill” option is to go to a fuel station, electric vehicles can also be charged at home. Having a choice is a good […]