Cybertruck Facts and Rumors

This information comes from various sources including The Electric Viking

Sandy Munro now has a cybertruck to “take apart”. Really. Munro paid $125,000 for a foundation series cybertruck for the explicit purpose of taking it apart. What they find will be documented on the Munro Live web site. This is going to be pretty exciting.

From Joe Tegtmeyer’s GigaTexas flyovers you can see that Tesla is serious about cybertruck production. It’s hard to tell exactly how many are being produced but a good guess would be 150 per day. That would mean around 40,000 per year which is not going to do much to the backlog of over two million orders but production has just started. Sam is guessing Tesla will reach a run rate of 100,000 per year by the end of the year. That would be a decent ramp with numbers possibly reaching five times that in 2025.

If you watch what Tesla is doing it is pretty clear they are serious about ramping production in GigaTexas. For example, they are starting to build a tunnel under the highway between the main factory and the final test and pickup lot on the other side of Pickle Parkway. Currently, vehicles are driven to the other side of the highway — a less than 1 km drive — but it is likely the tunnel will allow vehicles to drive themselves to the outbound lot.

I’m not trying to sound like a Tesla fanboy but while so many other players (including GM and Ford) seem to still be debating what to do about EVs, Tesla is clearly making good long-term decisions. Speaking of Ford, they just bought a used cybertruck for $250,000 so they can take it apart and see what makes it tick.

For an entertaining exercise, write down who you think will be the biggest auto makers in the world in 2030. As the Tesla Model Y was the best selling car in the world (car, not just EV), I suggest you make sure Tesla is on that list. Actually, it might also be amusing to list which manufacturers will have been bought out or gone out of business by 2030.

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