Cheaper EVs Are On The Way

In the US but not from US companies. Pictured is the Vinfast VF3. It’s a small EV from Vietnam with a target price of about $20,000 in the US. Vinfast claims that it will qualify for the IRA tax credit meaning it would only cost $12,500.

How small? 3.2 meters long. Estimated range is 300km. The Electric Viking offers more information. It is likely to hit the US market in 2025.

KIA has also released some preliminary information on their EV2. No particularly useful info yet and it probably won’t reach the US market until 2026.

All this will fit in with the new Tesla with a price goal of $25,000 which should become available in 2025.

All I can say is “it’s about time”. VW will likely get into the game with the ID.2 but it seems like the Detroit Big Three will miss the boat — again.

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