Aptera Answers (with Chris)

If you have been reading my posts you probably know how positive I am about Aptera. Right now they are the ultimate “outside the box” thinking on EVs. I have […]

VW Moves to China

OK, maybe that was a bit radical but, effectively, that seems like what is happening. VW had previously bought a Chinese software company to fix their broken software. Then they […]

Real Green Energy Revolution

We continually hear about all the “green” things being done — all too often just for political capital for some politician. Almost always, the downside is ignored. On the other […]

Cybertruck Rear Cradle

Munro Live continues their disassembly of their cybertruck. This time it is the rear cradle. It’s easy to minimize this until you get into the details. What details? Two motors, […]

Cavern Energy Storage

I regularly see people talking about how we don’t have enough electricity to charge electric cars. This discussion then goes on to needing more {coal, nuclear, gas}pick one or more […]