Cybertruck Rear Cradle

Munro Live continues their disassembly of their cybertruck. This time it is the rear cradle. It’s easy to minimize this until you get into the details. What details? Two motors, […]

Cavern Energy Storage

I regularly see people talking about how we don’t have enough electricity to charge electric cars. This discussion then goes on to needing more {coal, nuclear, gas}pick one or more […]

Tesla FSD Updates

There has been a big change in Tesla’s Full Self Driving. The Version 11 series implementation was basically a big program full of decision logic to drive the car. That, […]

Are EV Sales Down?

In a word, no. But, if you are Ford, GM, Stellantis, … you will come up with a different answer. Overall, EV sales have increased. The rate of increase has […]

BYD’s New Yuan UP

BYD just introduced a new car, the Yuan UP. They got 20,000 orders on the first day. The Electric Viking thinks this is “the car” that will take over the […]