Real Green Energy Revolution

We continually hear about all the “green” things being done — all too often just for political capital for some politician. Almost always, the downside is ignored. On the other side of the political spectrum we here why “green is dumb”., again for political capital. What tends be be missing is a balanced look at a new idea or technology. The result is polarizing — some people see green as good, others see green as bad. All miss the target.

Well, here is a case where we look at something that, well, “just makes sense”. I have always been a fan of a low-tech solution to a problem if it actually solves the problem. Here sheep are used to “mow the grass” at a solar farm. Why does this work so well?

  • The sheep get “free food”
  • The sheep farmer gets paid for the use of his sheep
  • No nasty chemicals are used to maintain the area
  • Possibly, the cost of mutton and wool will drop

More about this is available in this article. To me, this is a real “green” solution rather than a fabricated plan to make someone rich and/or look good. We need to look harder for ways to improve life on our planet.


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