2025 BYD Dolphin

The 2025 Dolphin has been announced. As I expect you know, the Dolphin has been on my short list for quite a while. (Why don’t I have one? Because they […]

Geely Short Blade Battery

Geely had introduced a new LFP blade battery with all the “good” boxes checked. The EVs Queen video sounds more like a Geely ad but it does cover the facts. The […]

End of the ICE Age?

Well, that’s what Sandy Munro said. He may be right. Sakuu makes batteries. I talked about them before. But, instead of a traditional “jelly roll” cell where the active parts […]

Hyundai Inster

This is the kind of car I am glad to see entering the market. It makes me think of Dr. Who’s Tardis. It’s a tiny little car (3.8 meters long) […]

Freegen Bicycle Hub Motor

I confess, when I first heard about this new system I didn’t see it as a significant change. But, I watched the whole video and now I am impressed. If […]