Pardon our dust. Lots of changes here. Rather than “just one thing” we decided there are lots of reasons for A42 to exist. While there will be a blog here that talks about what is going on, there will be lots of other things here.

The first piece is a Question to Answer site for solving murders. It is just starting to get configured but you can find it here. I have a lot more to put there but you are encouraged to add the information you have.


Still getting the pieces together but here is what you can find here right now:

  • news is a set of bookmarks for news sites. You can add sites as well as comment and rate existing sites. The rating should be for credibility, not whether or not you like it.
  • pp is a place to discuss the book The Plant Paradox, your experiences and any recipes that fit in.
  • /qa is a question/answer site as described above. As much as the idea interests me, I don’t see it going anywhere. Maybe a different Question/Answer theme?