CAT is Going Electric

Electric semis still sound pretty “high end” for electric devices but Catepillar is seriously getting into electric vehicles. That is, construction vehicles. Out of spec reviews does a deep dive on […]

Betavolt Nuclear Battery

The Electric Viking just posed about the Betavolt nuclear battery. I disagree that this will end up in a car in your lifetime but it is real and it is […]

Xiaomi SC-01 Sports Car

Xiaomi manufacturers lots of things including being the world’s leader is electric scooters. Their goal is to be the fifth largest EV maker by 2030. The SC-01 is their new […]

Sodium Ion Batteries

We have talked before about who is making them but not much about how they work and how they differ from Lithium Ion batteries. Just Have a Think does a good […]

BYD Is Coming to Mexico

Chinese company BYD is already making cars in Brazil (in an ex-Ford plant) and Indonesia. And other Chinese manufacturers are also on their way to Mexico. Next they will come […]