FlyNow Flying Phone Booth

I keep seeing 4-rotor drones being marketed as air taxi vehicles. While they work that seems like a very inefficient shape. Well, FlyNow is going to build something that is […]

Zipline Drones

Zipline has been doing long-distance drone deliveries of medical supplies for years. That, to me, is the most exciting part but their “new thing” is a short-distance delivery drone where […]

Elysian 90-Passenger Electric Airplane

Don’t call your travel agent yet but a Dutch company has said commercial electric passenger airplanes are now practical. They even say that current battery technology is sufficient. The “proposed” […]

Using Electric Planes as Trainers

Green Flight Academy in Skelleftea Sweden offers flight training on an electric aircraft. A 737 commercial pilot does up there to “try out” the plane. He hasn’t flown a small […]