Using Electric Planes as Trainers

Green Flight Academy in Skelleftea Sweden offers flight training on an electric aircraft. A 737 commercial pilot does up there to “try out” the plane. He hasn’t flown a small plane since flight school and has never flown using a stick.

Bottom line is that he was impressed. He was really impressed with how easy it was to fly. Check out Mentour Now! for the story.

Some take-aways are:

  • He used about €1 of fuel (electricity) in the 45 minute flight.
  • The total operating cost is about half that of flying something like a Cessna 172.
  • It is incredibly uncomplicated — four switches — to go from not running to ready to fly.

While the industry is not yet ready to replace a Boeing 737, things are quickly progressing. And, in the mean time, we are reducing the carbon footprint of aviation training.

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