Elon is Betting the Farm on RoboTaxi

Everything Elon is saying at Tesla corporate is rumoring is that Tesla is betting everything on the RoboTaxi. Part of that “everything” means prioritizing the RoboTaxi over the small $25,000 Tesla. Is that the right thing to do?

I certainly questioned this and I am clearly not alone. Today I am more in agreement with this than when the rumors had started. Part of my change is due to increases in competition for what could be Tesla’s new consumer car. Clearly BYD is in the market with the Dolphin and Seagull. While they claim then have no current plans for the US market, offerings from KIA and now Jeep are clearly competition.

I have been looking for more input to help me decide how I really feel. The best I have found is by Ryan Shaw where he goes through the pluses and minuses in a lot of detail. He doesn’t offer a specific answer but he certainly will increase your knowledge of the situation.

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