Canoo — Pickups and Vans

I just saw an update on the Canoo story and went to add it to my post. But, um, I hadn’t posted anything here before so let’s start from the beginning.

Canoo is a US manufacturer of pickups and vans that is pretty much in pre-production. What they are doing is unique and well worth taking a look at. Take the canoo pickup as an example. On that page there are some specifications plus a video which shows off the unique features. Many of these features are also shared by their van.

Clearly there are some very interesting design ideas that will have a lot of appeal. The question really is whether they will make it. My guess is that some big automaker will buy them out but time will tell.

The Electric Viking offers a video on their story — that is, where they came from, their financial situation and what has recently happened to offer them a future.

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