Munro Live: Cybertruck Suspension

More from Munro Live as they continue to disassemble the Cybertruck. The video is here Besides just explaining how things are done in the Cybertruck suspension it is compared to (primarily) […]

Cybertruck Rear Cradle

Munro Live continues their disassembly of their cybertruck. This time it is the rear cradle. It’s easy to minimize this until you get into the details. What details? Two motors, […]

Munro Live Removes CT Battery

Munro Live continues the disassembly of their Cybertruck. Here they remove the battery pack . Of particular interest in this video is how much of the car interior — particularly the […]

Munro Live — Cybertruck Underbody

As promised, Munro Live has started their dissection of the Cybertruck. This episode is only taking a look at the underbody of the cybertruck but, already, some interesting things. Post Views: […]

Cybertruck Facts and Rumors

This information comes from various sources including The Electric Viking Sandy Munro now has a cybertruck to “take apart”. Really. Munro paid $125,000 for a foundation series cybertruck for the explicit […]

Cybertruck Delivery Event

Today was the day for the initial deliveries of the Tesla Cybertruck. The event was held at GigaTexas and the MC was Elon Musk. Some of it was hype but […]

More Cybertruck Testing

Just in case you don’t think Tesla tests its products, the image should help you out. The image is real. Careful counting will show 49 bullet dings but no piercings. […]