Munro Live: Cybertruck Rear Body Panels and Casting

Sandy and Jordan take you through the rear body panes and rear casting of a Tesla Cybertruck. The biggest thing I have learned is that making a car correctly is more complicated than I imagined. My suggestion is that you don’t try to make your own Cybertruck.

We all know the outside of a Cybertruck is stainless steel but that’s just the outside. There is a lot of regular steel. The various pieces are spot welded or laser welded together. Then all that steel is glued to the stainless. That surprised me.

You can watch the video and see if you are surprised too.

When you build something from lots of parts it is typical to use fixtures (basically, tools) to hold stuff in place. But, fixtures wear meaning they can get out of spec. On the Cybertruck the casting is used as the fixture. So, for each new vehicle you are a perfect fixture that everything is attached to.

Having Sandy talk about how this works is great. Sandy knows what he is talking about and he sees what Tesla is doing he is impressed.

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