Cybertruck Delivery Event

Today was the day for the initial deliveries of the Tesla Cybertruck. The event was held at GigaTexas and the MC was Elon Musk. Some of it was hype but amusing hype. You can watch the event on Twitter or, more accurately, X.

The idea is that the Cybertruck is better than a truck and sportier than a sportscar. My favorite was was the quarter mile race between a Porsche 911 and the Cybertruck. The Cybertruck won and you then saw what its handicap was. That alone makes it worth it to watch the video.

If you are convinced you must have one, the order information is now up on the Tesla web site. Estimated prices are there which are from $49,890 to $96,390 with the longest lead time on the cheapest model. No surprise there. Not cheap but I personally think the prices are realistic. It does seem like an amazing vehicle.

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