Yes, Renewable Energy Continues to Get Cheaper

You are probably sick of hearing this but it is true. As The Electric Viking said, the cost of solar energy has come down by 93% over the past 11 years. Having bought PV solar panels about 14 years ago I am well aware of this.

It’s not just the panel price that has come down. In the past, the intermittent nature of PV solar for grid use was a big issue but no more. What has changed is that grid-scale battery storage is now available (and its price continues to drop as well) making a grid primarily running off of PV solar possible.

When I was first buying PV panels getting 50 watts per square meter was the norm. Today, 300 watts per square meter is the norm and it continues to increase. If you priced solar even a year ago and decided it wasn’t worth the investment, get a new quote. While the price of most things continues to climb, PV solar continues to drop in price.

Additionally, by adding PV solar to your house you decrease the electric grid losses because the power is produced locally.

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