Dolphin, MG4 or Ora?

These three cars are pretty much the top of my list. That is, if any one of them were available here (Guatemala) I would go out and buy it. They aren’t yet but it looks like all three are available in Australia.

The Electric Viking compares these cars in his new video. If you are interested in a smaller EV, his video is worth watching.

Clearly, each car has its pluses and minuses. There is no clear winner. It really will depend on what is important to you. For example, Viking has an issue with the lower performance of the BYD Dolphin which would not be a problem for me (I had multiple 40 hp VW bugs in my life). LFP batteries would be more important to me which gives an edge to the MG4 and Dolphin over the Ora.

In any case, it’s a good review. Even if you are looking at a different sized car, his objective comparison will help you think about what to compare in the type of car you are looking at.

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