The Gigapress is Winning

When Tesla started using gigacastings people were skeptical. Tesla was claiming lots of advantages but other big players were saying Tesla was wrong. The auto industry knew what it was doing. Tesla continued and today we know:

  • Reducing up to one hundred pieces to one meant less manufacturing time
  • Eliminating lots of welds and fasteners eliminates alignment issues
  • A casting makes vehicles structurally stiffer

Well, the tide has turned. We now know that other auto manufacturers are buying gigapresses. They include:

  • Hyundai
  • Ford
  • BYD
  • Toyota
  • “some other big European auto maker

While some manufactures will continue to resist this transition, it is likely because of their investment in equipment that will be replaced that they already have. But, they will have to get with the program. Gigacastings significantly reduce the amount of labor required to build a car.

More on this from The Electric Viking Note that he says “8000 pound” multiple times in the video but he really means “8000 ton”.

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