Electric Vehicle Service

The standard “sales pitch” for EVs includes lower energy usage costs, more interior space and lower maintenance. Let’s look at the maintenance.

The obvious lower costs have to do with not dealing with an internal combustion engine. For example, no oil changes, no radiator, no spark plugs and, well, all the other standard ICE maintenance items. But, the savings goes on beyond this.

For example, EVs have regenerative brakes. This means that when slowing down the vehicle can use the excess energy to recharge the battery which combines lower energy usage with less wear and tear on the brake system.

A typical EV drivetrain consists of an electric motor and a gear reduction unit. There is no transmission and all power control is electronic. Thus, there are almost no mechanical parts to wear out.

It’s all good news. The only possible downside is how a particular car manufacturer deals with this. Some manufacturers require you to have periodic maintenance done at their dealers to maintain the warranty. Others, including Tesla, do not.

When EV shopping check out these requirements. You might find yourself paying hundreds or thousands of dollars a year for little more than having someone top up the windshield washer fluid.

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