Aptera: Real Details from CEO Chris

We have already established that Aptera is unique — from a .15 coefficient of drag to Right to Repair. This video is a deep dive into just how different it is. Chris also talks about the history of Aptera.

Even someone who has been following Aptera will likely learn a lot about what goes into the car including all the testing — for example, testing of the solar cells/panels.

At this point they have 47,000 orders. While getting to production is currently cash-limited, they have a plan. They are looking for about $65 million to get to real production.

One thing I had been questioning was how they could actually produce a reasonable number of vehicles in their current factory space. They only have 77,000 sq ft but say they will be able to build 20,000 vehicles per year. Watching the video, it makes sense. There are very few parts — partly because of the design and partly because the vehicle is a collection of modules.

Personally, I’m excited to see Aptera on the road. If I lived in the US I would have ordered one.


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